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What if I am unsure about which class to choose?
Call Robyn on 5445 8768 or email robyn@bytesyouththeatre.com to discuss your options.

What if I sign my child up for the wrong class. Can I change?
Certainly. With so many different classes, there is a lot of choice and classes are very different. The first few weeks can see some children move to the class most suitable for them.

What if I want to get into a class that requires an interview or an audition?
Email robyn@bytesyouththeatre.com to arrange a time to chat.  Some classes simply require some background information about your child, their interests and we also like to let people know about the commitment involved in some of our classes.  Other classes do require auditions and information is available on our audition page about the requirements.  In general, Junior classes will not require an audition, but we have to be certain of your child's interest and commitment.

What does my child wear to class? Is there a uniform?
 In 2016, we are starting to introduce selected wear into our classes. We would like children to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to class and BYTES now has a shop with selected attire.  you can also order all dance shoes etc through our facility. Younger children should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in. We ask that all other students change out of their school uniform into appropriate rehearsal wear. All  students are to acquire appropriate jazz shoes (black)  or black chorus shoes for Senior and Masterclass.BALLET SHOES AND TIGHTS for classical.
 No thongs are permitted.

What are the costume costs for performances?
BYTE tries to keep costs to a minimum and uses a variety of means. We hire costumes for some shows or have them made specifically. The hire fee for a musical could be between $30-$50 depending on the number of items. Sometimes children find their own. We make every effort to recycle. All students should BUY their own shoes for performance and rehearsal. A simple black character shoe and a neutral jazz shoe are versatile for musical and acting girls as they can be used for a variety of eras. Musical female students will find a natural body suit with clear straps most useful. Senior boys will find black leather dress shoes essential and a pair of black dress pants useful. Junior students need only invest in in neutral jazz shoes. Students are encouraged to have their own makeup kit

Do I have to pay for the whole term at once?
People can arrange to make part payments via internet banking BUT students do not pay per week or on attendance.  The term fee is for the student's place in the class for the term and deductions are not made for missed lessons.

Is the GST included?
As of July 2016, the GST is in addition to Class Fees. Since the GST was introduced, BYTES has not passed this on to our clients and instead included it. Unfortunately with an escalation in all operational costs, we cannot continue to do this..

Yes you do. This is a performance theatre company and the costs involved in mounting productions with your children incur costs far in excess of any fees that are taken in for weekly tuition.  Rights and Royalties are paid for all plays and musicals, and every song sung. The hall or performance venues charge for the use of their facilities. We also pay for lighting and sound, sets, props, costuming etc which are not covered by levies. We therefore thank our families for supporting our shows and allowing us to continue to mount these productions.

Fees Per Term - 1 hour classes- $143 including GST
1 1/2 hour classes- $198 including GST
2 hour classes - $230  including GST
Studio B/ Elegerie $440 Including GST

If you find that the class of your choice is closed please email robyn@bytesyouththeatre to go on the waitlist and discuss your options.

8 and UNDER

Integrated Performing Arts - (IPA)  5-8 years 
IPA weaves singing, dancing and drama activities especially designed for the young learner.
Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm


Performing Arts -( PA) - 9-12yrs.
For children who want a combined class of acting, singing and dancing on one afternoon.  Performing arts focuses on different aspects of the performing arts each term so that students can develop confidence and skill.  Please bear in mind that children who require extension should choose two separate classes of Junior Musical theatre and Acting.
Mondays 3.30-5.00pm

Junior Acting Workshop - Ages 8-11
Laying the foundations of acting craft through role play, character development and improvisation
Wednesdays- 3.30-4.30pm
Speech and Drama Workshop - Ages 8 - 10yrs 
This is a class which will give your child strong foundations for speaking in public, drama and speech skills confidence building.
Thursdays - 3.30-4.30pm

Junior Musical Theatre - Ages 8-12 yrs 
Singing, dance choreography and putting it all together.
Tuesday 3.30-5pm

Intermediate Acting Master Class 
- Ages 10-13yrs
This class is a principal performance class for acting.
Wednesdays 3.30-5pm


Intermediate Acting Master Class - Ages 10-13yrs
This class is a principal performance class for acting.
Wednesdays 3.30-5pm

Senior Musical Theatre - Ages 12 yrs and over 
Musical Theatre Repertoire, vocal and dance class putting every aspect of musical theatre together. Performance based
Monday 5-6.30pm

Senior Actors 101- 13 yrs and over
Vibrant and exciting this class develops the actor to go to the next level of drama discovery and skill.
Thursdays 4.30-6.00pm 


Studio X ( 12-14yrs) 
Monday 4-6pm and Tuesday 5-7pm 
 Studio B( 14-18 yrs) 
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5-7pm  CLOSED
Combination of  Master Classes for Musical Theatre, Acting and Dance.

Master Class Musical Theatre 
 by audition 14 yrs - 18 CLASS CLOSED
Tuesdays 5-7pm

Master Class Acting 
by audition 14yrs -18 CLOSED 
Wednesdays 5-7pm 

 Tuesdays 4-6pm and Wednesdays 3.30-6pm

2018 Classes
Classes at the Buderim Memorial Hall