Matthew says: "I joined BYTE in 2004, just in time for their production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I'd always been a fairly shy, quiet guy at school, so getting on stage (without a shirt, no less) in a Shakespeare classic wasn't really on my radar - Robyn and Peta, with their fantastic encouragement and support, quickly changed that! One thing I owe to BYTE is that it sparked an enduring love for the Bard, as well as theatre generally. Having the chance to work alongside some incredible performers, as well as being mentored by a range of magnificently creative and talented people, my time at BYTE gave me a wide range of skills as well as a whole bunch of new friends. In the two years before I graduated, BYTE saw me involved in several unforgettable performances, including the most engaging, creative, and post-modern telling of Romeo & Juliet I have seen anywhere, before or since. Since graduating from BYTE, I've gone on to complete my Bachelor of Laws, and, while I've swapped the stage and costumes for suits and a courtroom (maybe not too much of a swap - it's just a different kind of stage!) the skills I learnt at BYTE have come in handy in all kinds of situations - from keeping my poker face up during negotiations to knowing how to pause for dramatic effect when arguing in a courtroom, it shows that even though you might leave the stage, the stage never really leaves you!!

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On this page we will be sharing the experiences of past BYTE students, their memories of their times at BYTE and what they are up to now...It is hoped that their stories shall inspire our current crop of BYTE performers.
Reece says: "Hi everyone, for those that don't know me I'm an ex-BYTES member who became a professional performer. Because of BYTES I gained the confidence to become a professional fire performer, so even if you don't become an actor your life can take paths you can't even imagine. Currently auditioning for Burning Man festival in America. Thanks Robyn & Peta :)" 
Reece Dunn: Professional Performer, co-director SOULFIRE BYTE YEARS: 2001-2004
Nicole Neil: Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama with minor in Scenorgraphic Design and plans to continue onto Technical Production specialising in Stage Management. Has worked with 'Out of the Box' Festival, Vena Cava Productions and in collaboration with Zen Zen Zo and Dead Puppet Society. Nicole has also started her own production company with fellow former BYTE member Danielle Carney. Earlier in the year Rocket Boy Ensemble presented their first produciton of "Romeo and Juliet" and are currently in the development of their second work "Predrinks". BYTE YEARS: 2005-2008

Nicole says: "I kinda fell into the theatre after one of my close friends dragged me to a class at BYTE...and I never looked back! BYTEs helped me to develop a love for the theatre and created an environment where my confidence and creativity could grow. I am eternally grateful for my time spent at BYTEs and am thankful for all the love and support they offer."
Sarah Reeve: Lead singer of the band "The Empire Lights" BYTE YEARS: 2000-2004
Sarah says: "Hi all Byters! I'm Sarah and I'm one of the original members of BYTEs since 2000 when it formed. I've been a singer and songwriter in the music industry since graduating High School in 2004 and have travelled around the world as a solo artist and now currently with my band The Empire Lights. I have performed for over 9 million people and I definately would not have been able to do that had I not had all those years of training from BYTE. I can't even begin to explain the impact that BYTE has had on me, my social life, my confidence, my performing ability...It was the greatest platform I could have hoped for to launch my career. I made life-long friends and learnt so much about myself as an individual performer.

I was always a very shy and insecure person, being a victim of bullying at school, but the wonderful people at BYTE, not only Robyn and Peta and Judy, but also my peers, gave me the confidence to believe in myself as a performer and as a person. I'm 24 now and its been nearly 8 years since I was at BYTEs but I will never take my years at BYTEs for granted. 

I am currently recording my debut album with The Empire Lights and we just finished our first tour after releasing our single into the Irish and itunes charts and I want to tell you that if you believe in yourself and work hard enough you can also do something really amazing with your life. There are so many opportunities in the world, especially in the music, theatre, acting and dance industries, you just have to know exactly what you want to do, work hard and have so much passion and belief in yourself.

"You are all so lucky to have people like Robyn and Peta to guide you and give you the opportunities to grow as an artist. I miss them so much!" Sarah
Matthew Littlejohn: L.L.B. (Hons.) BYTE YEARS: 2004-2007
Matthew (Mercutio) with fellow cast members "Romeo and Juliet" 2007
ROCKET BOY ENSEMBLE "ROMEO & JULIET"         &           "THE BOYFRIEND" musical BYTE 2008