* All teachers and tutors are registered with the Queensland Government and hold blue cards or blue card exemption cards with QLD Teacher's Registration. Only blue card holders or registered teachers with exemption cards work with your children. Child safety is our priority and no member of the public is permitted to have access to the children in our classes at any time whilst they are in our care. Parents are also not permitted to stay during class and no carer is allowed to come into the teaching space at any time. Staff and Students are insured with DANCSURANCE AUSTRALIA. We have two First Aid Officers on site.

Although we appreciate that parents are curious about class work and sometimes like to be there, especially for the little ones, in accordance with the latest child safety legislation, we can not allow parents to come and go into our work space. There are lovely grounds around the hall and many parents take advantage of these, or sit on the verandah whilst waiting. We do appreciate parental assistance at the time of concerts and productions.

* We ask that parents inform us bout any health issue relating to the student of which we should be aware and that might impact upon their participation in class activities. We will keep your medical plan with us in case of an emegency. If your child has allergies and requires an anaphylactic pen or is an asthmatic and requires ventillin, they should give this to the class teacher at the start of the lesson in a plastic bag with their name on it. No Pen/Ventillin no class. 

* Please supply us with updated phone and email contacts of at least one Parent or Guardian.

* Parents are encouraged to be punctual with "pick up". Parents of younger children are asked to come into the hall to collect their children at the conclusion of class.

* No student should wait in the back car park for parents.

* We require you to advise us if there are any child custody issues that we should be aware of.

*The registration fee is an annual payment which covers insurance, administration, scripts and scores and rights and music and show royalties.

*Individual students pay $40 and Families with more than one child pay $60.

*Term Fees are paid each quarter for tuition plus GST

*Terms are made up of 10 lessons/rehearsals and this forms the basis of your fees.

* People pay for the whole term and not per lesson attended, as your fees cover your place in the class.

* You do not pay more for any extra rehearsal time which may be necessary.

*All students will probably receive more rehearsal time than paid for by the end of the year, especially in the lead up to our productions.

* No refund is given for missed lessons except under extenuating circumstances. If students are going away for several weeks, arrangements can be made if notice is given in advance.

* Master Class and Extension Class students should notify Robyn if they are unable to attend a class.

* BYTE classes continue on all public holidays and student free days if they fall during the State School terms. This is particularly the case for MONDAY CLASSES.

* At the start of the year, upon enrollment and prior to the commencement of Classes, the TERM 1 FEE and the Annual Registration Fee is to be paid ( either in full or part payment.  Please see below)

* Payments can be made by:
1.Phoning 54458768 and supplying your credit card details or direct credit into BSB: 484799 Account: 044588827 BYTE Youth Theatre. ( Please reference your name)

2. Our fee and payment page via paypal

* Arrangements can be made to organise part payment of fees, if parents prefer. It is requested that this gets paid directly into the BYTES account with your child's name as a reference. The term fee will need to be paid in total before the third last week of term.

*Each quarter, parents will receive an invoice from PAYPAL advising of fees which are due and due date for payment. You do not need to pay this through Paypal however.
(Except at the start of each year)

* Fees / or part payment of fees must be made or bookkeeper notified as to any delay in payment by week 3 of each term. 

*We understand that sometimes circumstances prevent prompt payment and we can usually work something out if we are notified.

* Failure to pay fees by due date OR notify bookkeeper of circumstances pertaining to the delay of fee payment WILL result in student attendance being halted and non participation in performance.

BYTE is a fully operational YOUTH THEATRE taking pride in giving all of our students the opportunity to perform in quality productions throughout the year.

The audience pays for tickets as our plays, musicals and concerts all attract a range of costs which are not met by tuition. Every play, musical and concert attracts rights and royalties from either APRA or the owners of the shows and BYTE has to pay anything up to 16% of the door to those owners.
The Buderim Memorial Hall and other venues also attract a significant hire cost, lighting and sound hire is another cost of any show. BYTE also heavily subsidizes any costuming utilized.
For this reason, a good audience to our performances is not only desirable for the young ones (to perform in front of a decent crowd) but financially imperative for us to continue as a theatre company, that offers real performance opportunities to young people. We extend a huge thank you to our parents and patrons who recognise this and have been so supportive in the past. To new parents, we encourage you to get behind our shows by booking and coming along to clap and cheer. Its giving the performers an opportunity to be on stage with great plays and musicals which makes BYTE different from other Drama classes.

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