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"Just astounding. I was transported. I was actually taken back in time. This production should tour to Sydney and then nationally."
Extract of Karen Crone's adjudication for "Romanov", Saturday 3rd September


Congratulations to all performers who have completed their half yearly productions. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ANTIGONE, 10 REASONS, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, BRAINSTORM, ONCE UPON and our HORIZONS performers all gave fabulous performances and really rose to the occasion. 

Friday 23rd July - Studio B/X Monologue Evening - Books On Buderim
Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod - July 28th-31st.
Sunday 30th July @1pm Group Mime to Music 14 and under
Sunday 30th July @6pm Group Improvisation Competition.
Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival- Youth Competition - Saturday August 19th.

Please scroll to the end in case you have been put in the Studio X Cast.​

Prince- Jaden Neilgreslo
King- James Gray / Declan Bull
Queen - Shamia Turnbull / Abby Pukkalus
Herald - Tate Donohoe / Georgiana Truman
Cinderella - SamaraMcLean /Hannah Sangster
Stepmother- Kyla Ricketts Tia McLennan
Joy - Madeline Cunningham / Isabella Knight
Portia- Holly Hynes/ Jayme Obbard
Chef- Alicia Mould
Godmother- Julia Ryan / Ella Mathison
Mother-Lila McLennan
Daughter- Olivia Hunt
First Girl- Olivia Bales
Second Girl-Jessica Lazlo
Messy Sister- Elyse Clayton
Mean Sister- Megan Nalder
Studious Sister- Celeste Campbell
Grandma- Kelsey Read
Kid Sister- Xara Stroud
Butcher- Jack Harrison
Cheese Steward - Ella Aird
Dessert Chef-Amy Miller
Silly Girls
Jasmine Weaver, Romola Frazer, Samara Robertson

Superstar Cast
Cinderella - Ashtyn Baylow / Lucy Ratcliffe
Godmother - Holly Williams / Ella Amson
Stepmother - Sophia Larson / Marissa Ricketts
Portia- Evie Laing/ Cady Obbard
Joy - Kiara Hernandez / Alyssa Somerville
Prince - Tom Rose
King- Jagger Vosloo/ Riley Troyhan
Queen Lucy Dimond / Indi McLellan
Herald- Archie Timbury /Alexandra Pennay
Little Boy - Madeline Evans.
Mother- Amy Aitken
Father - Angelique Bates
Daughter- Ellen Brayne / Audrey Proudfoot
First Girl- Alexandra Howard
Second Girl- Muthonie Tamba- Lebbe
Messy Sister- Brooke Campbell
Mean Sister- Savannah Glynn
Studious Sister Leila Warburton
Grandma- Jemma Scicluna
Kid Sister- Yana Masurker
Chef- Madison Carter / Mia McNeil
Butcher- Nethra Chandrasekar
Cheese Steward- Jessica Amson
Dessert Chef- Isla Barnett
Silly Girls - Rebecca Blaxland, Kristie Forbes, Heloise Roberts

Cinderella- Romy Salmond / Erin Blond
Godmother- Louise TJ
Portia- Jessica Rolle
Joy- Zahra Voss/ Alice Westlake-Toms
Stepmother- Anna Fitzpatrick
Prince- Alexander Innes
Queen Emma Percival
King- Riley Myers
Herald- Chelsea Taber

Carousel Casting In Order of Appearance

Carrie - Ally Hickey / Genevieve Langford understudy Louisa TJ
Julie Jordan - Natalie Ferris understudy Emma Burchell
Mrs Mullins - Alli Whitmore / Aryana Krpan
Billy Bigelow - Zak Mills / Sam Young
Bessie-Caitlin Dunbar
Jessie - Jayden Neilgreslo
Policeman / Principal - Ben McCulloch
Mr Bascombe- Dominic Graves
Nettie - Sophie Delaney / Matilda Smith understudy Zahra Voss
June Girl - Brooke Hamer
Mr Snow - Hudson Glynn / Lachlan Pugsley
Jigger- Jordan Jeckells/ Kyle Royall West
Hannah - Sia Tamba Lebbe
Boatswain- Alex Innes
Arminy - Millie Stanton
Penny - Kate Monroe
Jennie - Emma Percival
Virginia- Bianca Aird
Susan- Elliana Fritz
Captain/ Doctor- Oliver Osborne /Bailey Griffiths
1st Heavenly Friend - Sanaam Belio/ Annabel Gilbert
2nd Heavenly Friend - Kendall Munro
Starkeeper - Romy Salmond / Abby O’Brien
Louise - Jessica Rolle / Claire Finlay Understudy Alli Whitmore
Carnival Boy Dancer - Oliver Osborne / Bailey Griffiths
Enoch Snow Junior - Jared Solti 
Margaret Snow - Alice Westlake Toms / Erin Blond

BYTES is a performance based Youth Theatre and we therefore survive by our patrons supporting our shows. Every family of every member is therefore encouraged to bring people along to our performances. Your support is crucial 
so that we can present quality works and give our students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Thank you to all of our wonderful families who not only come along to their own child's show but come to see other performances.  
Theatrical performances cost a lot to stage with venue hire, sets, lighting and sound and payments of rights and royalties to the owners of the works that we perform. Having audiences to see our shows, means that we can continue to stage productions.